Saturday, April 23, 2011

live your life

    In the world their are a lot of people and each one has a unique personality. Society has made it seem like we should belong to a sertain group of people that have a personality like our and i disagree. when we are born we are raised to be similare as the person raising us father,mother,grandparents etc. But we change our ways as we grow and associate our selves with others.

Society has labeled every one on what we like , how we dress,and how we act. As you may know some people like the label they go by and some dont. Some say that their is hate towardes people for this . for instence if im from a sertain group and your from another one that likes or dresses different then me or my group society has made it look like we should not tolarate each other and for this reason there is violence and hate towards one another.

When we are born we have to learn everything and that is why our parents are their to help and guide us. when we reach a sertain age we kind of separate our selves from our famalies a little.We go out to the mall with friends , we go to games , and other social gatherings . We tend to leave our belifes behind to try to be part of a group we think is cool maybe because their is some one you like in that group or a friend you know or for what ever reasone .

I think these days people do things because they are influenced by others  . Their are crimes commited peolpe are on drugs and things like that that only mess up their own lives and others . We as people need to start thinking for ourselves and start making the rite desitions and start being above the influence and start living your life and not some one elses .

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